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Ruler Measurement

Ruler Measurement

I was just about to do my first measurement since starting PE since it’s been exactly 1 month, but before I enter the data I have a question. When you measure with a ruler there is an area below 0 about a quarter of an inch. So when you get your measurement should you measure this length and add this to your length/girth?

Do not add this. It will decrease your true length by 1/4”. Start measuring where “0” mark starts.

Get a ruler that doesn’t have a space between the zero mark and the edge of the ruler.

Or, use a dowel, or pencil or some other object to measure, mark the object, and then measure the length to the mark.

OF COURSE if you have a blank spot before the zero mark, this space is causing your measurement to be less than it would be.

Horny Bastard

It’s good to have that sometimes if your close to a goal. Like my first goal was 6NBP so I used a ruler like that, and when I was six on that, I knew for sure without any doubt I was 6 NBP

OK, when I did my first measurement before starting PE I didn’t realize it had a space between the zero mark and the edge of the ruler. Should I do it correctly starting now and be off 1/4 of an inch from the first measurement?

Tommy, This is not a difficult decision.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg
Tommy, This is not a difficult decision.

I didn’t know I could go back and change it. I am extremely encouraged by my gains, even though I’d read about it working I didn’t really believe it till I’ve seen it for myself. I hope it keeps working. Are my length vs girth gains pretty typical for the 1st month?

Your length gains are excellent for the first month. Girth gains are average, maybe slightly below average. But you should go for length first anyway, because it’s easier to lengthen a thin penis than a fat one.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

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