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Rubber Hot Bottle

Rubber Hot Bottle

Hi, instead of wrapping yourself with hot water for warm-up. Can we just use this Rubber Hot Bottle? and place it under our balls or groin for warm-up and while working out. That way we can keep the heat and proceed with our workout. What do you feel about this?

Hot water bottles are a great heat source. Even with ribbing though, you are probably best off wrapping it in a T-shirt and then maybe applying directly as it cools.

I used one of these for stretch warm ups and the can be effectively wrapped around the shaft to warm the tunica and then placed above the base of the penis on the groin to warm the ligaments for the first half of a stretching routine.

It’s probably not a good idea to put them near the balls. Balls actually much prefer the cold :) In fact it’s been postulated that lifestyles removing any chance of the balls getting cold are an issue for fertility.

One caveat though is that though they are very effective at applying heat, you may find that a wash cloth provides a better warm up, producing a plumped penis ready to go rather than a penis with highly warmed tissue but not plumped. I think the washcloth is better due to massaging during the warm up moving blood around the penis and the dampness heat source.

They are at least a great heat source for stretches even if you go back to a washcloth for jelqing.

I agree with memento on the usage angle. The only suggestion I have is, perhaps to lie down and then place the HWB over your dick and arrange it around the base and sides so you get more heat to the internal Ligs. That way your balls will hang down out of harms way.

Don’t fill it too full or it won’t be so pliable and of course don’t have it too hot. Pouring boiling water in it is not a good idea for willy. but fine for feet.


You’ve no idea what went through my mind when I saw Rubber hot bottle (we know them as hot water bottle)

My first thought was a suggestion you heat it internally then stick your dick in the filling cap and use it like a pump as the air cooled and then …… No! no I can’t go on!!.

Hmm, diameter might be a limiting factor there.

That’s what the screw top’s for!

To screw your dick into place? How does that work? Even if you can get your dick in the hole, how do you then screw the top in without leaving a bloody stump?

It’s quite simple really.

You need some vaseline - preferably the white type.

Lubricate your dick, then place the bottle at the top end, then turn the bottle in an anticlockwise direction. The thread in the bottle will gouge out the head to accomodate the thread, and fix it in that way. It will then be necessary to get hold of the bottle on each side and pull the sides away from each other. This will cause the vacuum and your dick will expand

When finished turn the bottle in a clockwise direction and the bottle will unscrew itself.

Trying to fix the bottle steady and then turning yourself in a horizontal cartwheel probably wouldn’t work, as the bottle would be too wobbly.

I must point out though that you must perform this exercise with caution, as you can easily tear the bottle top from the body of the bottle.

Can anyone think of a name for this unique new routine?

no but sounds like it might be used as a new haning technique too?

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