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Hi everyone! thanks for havbing me. I’ve been reading the post and really have not found what ive been searching for. If this has been discussed i’m sorry.

exersies? should i do it once a day or everyother day? while working out it should be every other day because your muscles need rest. what should i do?

heres the exersise i was gonna do

3 weeks beginners
3-6 months intermediate
then advanced

is there a to kae your self sperm increase exersises?

can someone please please post a beginners, intermediate and advanced exersises please

Thank you soo much

Hi Royal!

Luvdadus posted a newbie routine a while ago.
He recommendet: 2 days exercises, 1 day break, 2 days exercises, next day break, … and so on.
Many wrote, they made gains in the resting days. And this sounds logical.
Though the penis isn’t a muscle, tissue grows (like in body building) during your rest days.

Try Luvdadus routine for a few weeks, and modify it to your needs: increase jelqing/stretching time, intensity, change directions, etc.
You will see how your penis reacts to the exercises and how long your breaks should be.
Some have a 2 days on/1 day off schedule, others 3/1, 3/2. etc. There’s no general rule, unfortunately.

You can call yourself an intermediate PEer after a few weeks of testing. You’ll then have your own workout plan.
The advanced methods/routines include pumping and hanging - in my opinion.
I am not into this, as long as manual exercises do work.

When I first started, I also had much questions, doubts and insecurities. But most important things are:
start with a basic routine, don’t overdo and listen to your body!

I hope I could help a little bit.
Greetings, JohnJohn

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