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RoutineGain Questions

RoutineGain Questions

Hey guys,

I’m new to this forum but not to PE. I’ve had about 2-3 years of experience, and I’ve been keeping a log on another forum for about 8 months now. I’ve been making steady gains. My concern is that as of late my EQ has taken a massive dip and doesn’t seem to be getting better. Not only that, but by wrapping my finger’s around my shaft I can tell that it seems to be feeling thinner even when my erection is at max. The length also seems to be less. I’ve promised myself to only measure once after every 50 sessions so measuring is still a few months away for me. But I was told to go completely for length first and then focus on girth afterwards. As a result, my routine looked like this:

15 minute warm up, 15 minute basic stretching in all directions, 15 minute jelqing at about 50% (sometimes a bit lower), 15 minutes edging at end.

That seemed to be messing me up and screwing with my EQ. So I’ve been doing a new routine for a few days and things seem to be going a bit better. It looks like this:

15 minute warm up, 5 minute basic stretching in all directions, 15 minute jelqing at about 50% (sometimes a bit lower), 15 minute jelqing at about 60-70%, 20 minute edging.

I don’t know if it’s the high erection level jelqing that’s been doing it but something seems to be working. My only concern is that if I start to make girth gains it’ll hinder my length gains. Has anyone found this to be true? And also, does anyone have/know of a routine (that only requires the use of hands) that has been proven to cause length gains? I’m of the type that less is more, so warm up taken out, I wouldn’t want the actual routine to be more than an hour long.

Thanks guys, and take care.

Lenght before girth - that seems to make sense .There isn’t any proof this is true anyway; I think a poll was made time ago, results were not consistent with this hypothesis. So do both at the same time.

For now, do what you are doing; I’d raise a bit the time for jelqs. If your EQ has dropped probably you are overworking, so try taking some days off.

Should I increase the time of high or low erection jelqs?

Do you have any good manual length routine that you or someone you know has used and seen results with?

Oh and for length, should I be jelqing upwards or downwards?

What is the best erection level jelqs for length? Because I usually don’t do them at over 50%, but it seems to be killing my EQ. If I did them at 60-75%, would I make good length gains or would I make girth gains, thus hindering length?

Thank you.

Between the two routines you detailed, it looks like you decreased your stretching time, doubled your jelqing time by adding a higher erection jelq, and added more edging. And with this change to your routine your EQ is improving? It sounds like you are well conditioned and possibly responding positively to those exercises that are considered very tough on an unconditioned unit.

Is it an option to stick with the second routine, keep monitoring your EQ and also gradually keep adding more stretching time to it, not as a replacement of other pieces of the routine? Also, Jelqing at lower erection levels, usually downward is considered length-targeted I believe, but until you can zero in on what your unit responds to, I don’t think that’s a proven guarantee.

I also believe there’s still some debate if high EQ necessarily = gains, but it does seem to be the safest route. I know there have been many attempts to analyze the data, but since you’re such an experienced PE’er only you can know the correlation of your gains to your EQ. Maybe your particular length gains may come with a temporarily lowered EQ?

Like marinera said, there’s also still open debate to the girth hindering length theory. I believe there’s a general consensus that length before girth is advisable, however not everyone responds to length exercises with length or girth exercises with girth. Also, things like TGC theory might help you to see where your biggest potential for gains are, and you might even gain length from what are generally considered girth routines.

You mentioned a log and you’re a very experienced PE’er but yet you’ve written in abstract terms such as “I can tell that it seems to be feeling thinner even when my erection is at max. The length also seems to be less”. The importance of accurate, consistent measurements is to erase that doubt of subjective observations such as feel and appearance. Did your gains seem to slow as your EQ diminished? I know that in the months when I had my first measurable length gains, it looked much thinner, but actually I had gained a little girth with it, it just looked thinner because I had proportionally more length gains than girth.

I think your question now can only be answered by you. Try the routine that’s boosting your EQ and seems to be “girth focused”. See what kind of gains you make. If you see girth gains but no length gains and you’re worried about girth hindering length potential, switch back to more “length focused” routines and lowered EQ and track gains/losses.

Measuring only every few months also seems kind of a long stretch to get any feedback to your work, but that’s just my opinion. If you’re at a critical point like this, maybe increase the frequency of measuring and get some additional results feedback as you to help you find the right path for you.

I’m sorry, I’m not much help, I’m still at the point where I’m happy to have gains anywhere I get them!

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Originally Posted by Thrill Drill
Do you have any good manual length routine that you or someone you know has used and seen results with?

I think I have poste this link about 1,000 times
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

About the other questions, I think you should read around because they were answered (or asked without a definitive answer) many many times. :)

Yeah so I’ve stuck with the newer routine for a few more days and the EQ definitely seems to be raising. My unit also feels heavier but I’m not sure about the length (although I’ll take Illivan’s advice to heart and measure more often just to be sure). But what still worries me is that I’ll only gain in girth and then make it so that any future length gains are a lot harder to achieve.

At first stages, you have to work both at the same time.

You mean beginner’s stages for a new routine or in general? Because I’ve been PEing diligently for about 8 months now but have about 2 years experience off and on.

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