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I would like to start PEing and need a routine. Any suggestions? Also, I don’t want to spend too much time doing it at first…

So many options to pick.

Well what are your stats? Ex. your length and girth? Are you too short or are you just cursed with a pencil dick?

What is your $ situation? I only ask this for the fact of perhaps buying a item for sale like a Power Jelq or a used Bib hanger.

Are you handy? Could you build your own shit instead of buying it? or are you all thumbs, impatient, or else like me?

Doyou live at home with someone or do you have good privacy?

All these questions chucked in your face will help the next guy anser the questions you asked.

Sorry to throw questions back at you like this.

I believe that kegals are super cheap and easier to do like 24/7 or anytime. they are a back bone of any good Pe regimine.

Kamel407 believes that Jelqing with something like the Power-Jelq could yeild a possible 3 inches in length and 1” in girth in about one calender year with enough dedication. i am currently discussing these opinions with him.

Are you suffering from any problems like not having wood easily or worse? Does your rod curve? Do you want it to curve? Most importantly are you cut or uncut? This matters when hanging or doing certain procedures.

Well enough of my bs for now. Later TT

Hey day is today,

Or you could take the easy way out and use one of the other newbie routines posted here.

Sounds like Kamel has got himself an affiliate deal with the PJ. Maybe when he starts using his PJ he will see how far fetched this 3 inches in a year idea is.

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where can i find the newbie routines?

that sounds good. Should I do some other type of excercise too so that the top of my penis doesn’t get bigger than the bottom? Or do I start doing that later on? Also, Do i need to do the hot wraps? can I jelq in the shower instead? (under hot water)

Do this routine for a month and then come back with the other questions about a different exercise or two. Are you new guys even reading any of the other posts before you ask these questions?? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Brings up a thought, T

Perhaps we should create some type of skeleton newbie routine for the various exercises (with the exception of hanging) that would get them off on the right track. More of an outline for what the average beginner does and they can modify for their own goals.

Basically it means making a place in the FAQ that has what we always post, something like what Luvdadas has suggested. I mean, how many times do we have to write out this crap? I’d rather we insert it into the PE FAQ and just reference it.


sounds like a good idea. I commend you for taking the time to answer all the same questions over and over again from the newbies. But something like that would make it a whole lot easier. Just my thoughts.

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What, and put more stuff in the FAQ that they won’t bother to read?? I think a better idea is to run with the routine that luvdadus has written and just link directly to it. Or do a copy and paste into a new thread entitled “Suggested Newbie Routine” and stick it at the top of the forum. Or I could do a pop up. :D :D :D

Something needs to be doen, that is for sure.

EDIT: OK, I split the routine post by luvdadus in to another thread and stuck it at the top of the forum in place of the duplicate QSG. We will see if it helps any at all.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

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