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Current stats

Week 6

NBPEL: 6.2 inches, BPEL: 7.5 inches, BG: 4.9 inches, SG (shaft girth): 4.8 inches, HG (head girth): 4.5 inches

I do 11 minutes of stretching, 286 jelq’s and 75 kegels, 2 days on/ 1 day off

I split up jelqing into 3 parts, length targeting (50% erection), base girth targeting (squeeze harder towards the glands at 80% erection), and shaft girth targeting (squeeze harder at the base before going up towards the glands at 80% erection). Is it time to introduce more types of exercises into my schedule, I keep it simple and try not to get overzealous, but as they say, is not the time (e.g ULI 3’s, jelq squeezes, etc.)?

286 jelqs? 11 minutes of stretching? What made you think to do those exact numbers? Not being funny just mean normally people round it off :)

I think your over thinking Jelqing. I would just wet or dry jelq at the desired erection level for girth or length, Not targeting each part, at the moment anyway.

I would incorporate anything new slowly and watch how it makes you feel. Ulis are a good intermediate exercise and are found in most girth routines, I swear by them. They will also help toughen you up for high intensity squeezes. Read up and learn the proper way to execute and start by adding 5-10 to your routine do that for a week or two see how it feels then add another five wait a week or two and add another 5 and so on. If it ever doesn’t feel good, stop.

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