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Hello, as a new member I have a few questions about my routine.

To clear things up, I do a slight variation of the Newbie Routine.

My routine goes as follows:

1) Get in the shower and warm up for 5 - 10 minutes (Or however long it takes to feel right)
2) Manual Stretches (About 15 minutes of 30 second holds in each direction)
3) Warm down and finish showering

I then take a 1-2 hour break, and proceed to re-warm up. After warming up again, I apply lubricant and do jelqs but however do not keep count, but instead do it for a set amount of time. (Usually towards 30 minutes)

After this, I warm down again and am done for the day. I have been following this routine for about a week and a half to 2 weeks and have seen some nice changes in my flaccid hang as it appears much “meatier” than before I began PE.

My question however is, the way that I do jelqs seem to be different that I cannot seem to get a decent grip behind the glans while I jelq with the other, due to being uncut. My solution to this problem is that while I jelq with one hand, I hold back the skin with the other at the base of my penis. I do not alternate hands, as both seem to have their own role while I jelq. What I am wondering is, is this as effective as a regular jelq? Or should I change up the way I do it and try and get a better grip?

Also, does my routine appear to be too much? I know I’m supposed to be listening to the signs my penis is giving me, and it all appears to be positive by my increased flaccid hang and a few comments from the girlfriend (although perhaps she was just being courteous).

Last but not least, I was wondering if anyone believes my goals to be obtainable without resorting to hanging or pumping. I have been looking into ADS and it is not out of the question but I will be completing my 3 month Newbie period before even considering anything else. Would a gain of say, 1’ to 1 1/4 ‘, be obtainable without pumping or hanging? My starting stats are 6.9 BPEL and 4.9 EG for what it’s worth.

Thanks for any feedback I receive, and what a great community this is! :D

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

You have good starting stats.
Your one handed jelq approach is good. It seems both hands are busy.
Your goal is reasonable, this can be done with the Newbie routine as you described.
Sometimes adaptations are needed, everyone is different.

What to look for:
You already mentioned some changes that are positive.
You want to keep a check on your erection quality.
Loss of erection, morning wood or cord like flaccid are negative PI’s and indicate your doing to much PE.
A nice healthy erection at 100% or a bigger fuller erection than normal are positive indicators this may indicate growth.

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