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Routine order

Routine order

At the moment my routine consists of:

5 mins warm up w/ rice sock
20 mins sock stretches, using a sock as a fulcrum to pull my penis both ways

5 mins warm up w/rice sock
20 mins clamping(yes I have got enough experience to do this, just haven’t posted enough here to be in the main forum!)

The thing is, I have given up PE a couple times in the past because of boredom at long workouts, so have decided this time around to have these two parts of the routine separated by a few hours during the day. Yes, that means I require 2 warm ups, but hey, I figured that can’t be a bad thing. Nevertheless, I was wondering whether it would make any difference which part I do earlier in the day and which part later?

Also, is a warm down necessary? I have read several conflicting articles, some saying warm up/warm down, some saying constant heat (not practical with a rice sock for sock stretches!), some saying warm up/cool down, and others saying you just need the warm up. The only thing that seems constant here is the requirement of heat at the beginning of the process!

I think this routine may help me gain a little girth, and the way I do the sock stretches is the only way that has provided me with a real lig burn. Also, I have solved the problem of getting wood during the stretches by watching some TV show on my computer while doing it.doesn’t really work for subtle shower sets or non lockable private rooms, but hey!

Sorry about jumbled nature of the post, but hopefully I might get some good answers to all of the issues from you guys!


Well, you have more experience than me, but lately when doing my routine, I have experienced wood as well. I have been doing my pe exercizes in the shower, so now I think I may have to move to the t.v. Room to keep my mind off from wood.

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