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Routine Opinions

Routine Opinions

I’m in my sixth week of PE and this is the routine I’ve finally settled on:

10 minutes manual stretch in the morning (every day but Saturday)
20 minutes jelq in the evening (Monday and Thursday)
5 minute jelq, 10 minute squeeze, & 5 minute jelq in the evening (Tuesday and Friday)
10 minutes jelq in the evening (Wednesday and Sunday)

The 10 minute jelq on Wednesday and Sunday is more of a maintenance jelq. I want to give my dick a break but not necessarily a day off. I just wanted to hear some opinions on this routine. The squeeze is grabbing at the base and just below the head to engorge the trunk of the penis.

Also I’m thinking about trying clamping, but I don’t know how long I should wait until I try this. I know it is an advanced technique so I want to give my dick time to get used to the exercises. I was thinking 2 months or 3 months, what is everyone’s opinion. I was going to tag a 10 minute clamping session on after the 10 minute stretch in the morning.

My main goal is more girth.

Thank you everyone!!
Start: 6-3/8” NBPEL
5-1/8” EG
Goal: 7-1/2” NBPEL
6”+ EG

Interesting routine. I’m not sure it will provide you with quick gains necessarily. Dumping the vast majority of jelqing every other day is going to mean you may not reach quite the same point as you would with a continuous routine and then rest period.

You seem to be edging in the squeezes early on, when maybe if you worked them in to the last couple of minutes of your normal routine and then extended that couple of minnutes out it would work better. I get the why (more girth) but these squeezes often work better after a jelqing session or folded into the jelqing routine.

If you don’t want length maybe even consider dropping the stretches entirely.

If it works for you that is the important thing. Monitor your progress and change it if it’s not working out.

I’d also suggest thinking about using heat a lot more through the routine maybe before stretching and before jelquing and then after, suggestions are a heat pad, or rice sock

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Thanks memento!

I actually had a problem with the squeezes the other day. After doing them, a vein near the head became hard and sore. I quit when I started to feel this. It has healed since but I was worried about continuing the squeezes. Maybe it is due to starting them too soon. I will attempt to jelq for 15 minutes and then throw in 5 minutes of squeezes and see how that goes.

I’m doing the stretches mainly because I have heard they help with base girth and strength. I don’t feel the jelqs or squeeze hit the base well enough. I only feel them in the mid to upper shaft. I’ve heard that the stretches can help.

What do you suggest for the days on and off? Like I said I was going to try 2-on and 1-off, but on the day off I was going to lightly jelq for 10 minutes. I was hoping that would allow my dick to retain the gains from the 2-on days but still allow it to rest, repair, and grow. Let me know what you think.

Start: 6-3/8” NBPEL
5-1/8” EG
Goal: 7-1/2” NBPEL
6”+ EG

Thanks reywdsuyt!

I do a hot wrap before stretching and jelqing and I usually take a long hot shower after my routines as well! I just didn’t mention it in my first post, but thank you for the comment. The heat wraps are extremely important especially for stretching.

Have a great day!

Start: Goal:
6-3/8” NBPEL 7-1/2” NBPEL
5-1/8” EG 6”+ EG

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