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Routine Help

Routine Help

Please review what I am doing below and help me with bits of advise on changes.

Going4More Work-Out (5-6 days week)

5 Min Hot Wrap

5 Min / 4 Sets of 20 second holds each of Standard Stretch Left, Right, Down & Up & one set 20 rotations
5 Min / 4 Sets of 20 second holds of Power Stretch Left, Right & Up
2.5 Min / 3 Sets of 20 seconds sitting in a chair grabbing from behind leg and pulling down and back (like a hung weight)
2.5 Min / 3 Sets of 20 seconds double OK grip pulling straight forward

5 Min of 10 second squeezes (stimulating between to keep 70-80% erect)

10 Min Multiple Sets of –
80% Erect good 10 second Squeeze, keep squeeze and base with left hand and do 4 good slow jelqs with right hand, then do a reverse OK grip jelq and hold.

5 Min Hot Wrap

What are power stretches going4more?

In my useless opinion:

do the newbie and then the standard routine for the designated period of time before making up new ways, otherwise you will never know if it works or not.

Perseverance wins

The power stretch is holding the an OK grip just below head then OK grip above balls pulling in opposite directions. Give a hanging effect in balls and pretty good stretch.

Maybe I should of tried to post this in another forum. Because I have been doing PE for a couple of years now. I was just looking for help from the Pro’s. Unfortunately I have been a member of this site for a while and never utilized it’s potential. Been using Men’s Forte/Penile Fitness.

I will do some research on the techniques used on this site and try an incorporate them into my routines. Really looking for a jolt to get growth started again. Went from 5.5 to 7.25 BPEL and can’t seem to get to my 8” goal.

Thanks for the replies,


If you are not a newbie, I’ll be glad to answer your questions (If I can), PM me if you want.

Perseverance wins

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