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Routine Changeup: hanging

Routine Changeup: hanging

I have been doing PE for a while now. I am looking to change up my routine by including some sort of hanging in the process.

I have read a lot on it, but I would like some more feedback from the hangers.

I posted in one of the threads in the hangers forum a few days ago, but i don’t think that’s getting too much traffic.

So basically i am going to order a Bib Hanger starter?

I’m over 6” but the bib hanger site says not to order the bib hanger, but i am not over five inches in girth.

So my initial question to the regulars, specially the hangers, is:

What are some tips you could give me for wrapping well and also is the bibstarter the best thing out there?

Thanks a lot guys.

I have ordered a bib hanger and a theraband any tips on hanging?

I have already read the threads, but any help would be nice from the regs.

Expect to invest a lot of time and experimentation before you figure out what works for you. Hanging is very time consuming and you may spend several months before you figure out the method of wrapping that works best for you, how to adjust the hanger optimally, and stretching the skin, before you see any definite results.

You need to monitor the condition of your penis carefully initally, while hanging to make sure that you don’t have the wrap or the hanger too tight (or too loose). I would recommend starting with fairly short sets initially of 10 minutes or so and work up to 15 and perhaps 20 minutes eventually. Start out with light weights and don’t go up by more than about a pound per week.

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