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Routine and bathmate

Routine and bathmate

Hey guys. I have been faithfully doing my hanging/jelqing routine. I am absolutely loving the VacExtender ( No more tight constriction below the glans. I’ve always hated that. I hang with 1300 mL of water (1300 grams or 2.9 pounds), and then I jelq for 20-40 minutes. Here is the routine I am currently on:

(Date) (VacExtender minutes) (jelqing minutes)
1/28/2013 60 30 DONE
1/29/2013 60 30 DONE
1/30/2013 60 30 DONE
2/1/2013 60 30 DONE
2/2/2013 60 30 DONE
2/4/2013 90 20 DONE
2/5/2013 90 20 DONE
2/6/2013 90 20 DONE
2/8/2013 90 20 DONE
2/9/2013 90 20 DONE
2/11/2013 60 30 DONE
2/12/2013 60 30 DONE
2/13/2013 60 30 DONE
2/15/2013 60 30 DONE
2/16/2013 60 30 DONE
2/18/2013 90 40 DONE
2/19/2013 90 40
2/20/2013 90 40
2/22/2013 90 40
2/23/2013 90 40
2/25/2013 60 30
2/26/2013 60 30
2/27/2013 60 30
3/1/2013 60 30
3/2/2013 60 30

My measurements on 1/24/13 before this current routine were 7.3125” BPEL and 5.875” MSEG. I will be measuring at the end of this routine to see how things are doing officially. I did do a couple of quick measurements when I had a boner a couple days ago and got the same BPEL, but I’m not counting that as official. I didn’t do it in the same standing position at the same time of day (evening) as my official measurements.


I bought a bathmate. I thought I could try it out for a couple weeks not too seriously to get used to it. I want to incorporate it. I tried it in the shower yesterday and WHOA.. My dick felt like it was about to explode. There were definite expansionary feelings in the shaft and head. It was scary. I backed down the pressure and just wore it for 5 minutes. I took it off. I am afraid of this thing kinda. I will try again in a couple days and take things slow and easy.

You guys might have heard of He has some pics of his bathmate and him using it and some before/after pics. I don’t like his pictures because he does not have any before/after reference tools like a ruler. He just shows pics of his dick in various states before and after. I wish he did a more thorough job of recording his progress. Whatevs. It was inspiring nonetheless.

Looking forward to using the bathmate!

Keep us posted on the bathmate! I’ve been considering one but I’ve read a lot of very mixed reviews about. Clearly you’re experienced in PE, so in eager to hear about your experiences with it. :)

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No problem. I will probably give an update next month once I’ve used it a few times. I will take before-shower and after-shower measurements. I’m still hesitant on putting pics of my wang on the interwebs. I know I’m a pussy for that, but still a little afraid of staying anonymous.

Looking forward to the updates, but if you’re uncomfortable with pics, don’t post them. The interwebs lives forever, and who knows if there may be a Senate Confirmation Hearing in one’s future? LOL Personally, I’m good with anecdotal accounts of permanents gains.

Good luck!

Thanks irishgrower. Yeah I don’t want to end up like Anthony Weiner! Lol.

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