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Rotary cranks

Rotary cranks

I’m having trouble finding a description of this exercise. Can someone plese help?

One foot to go

I believe it’s just a manual stretch where the end of the penis follows a circular path while traction is applied. Like pulling up, down, left, and right one after another without letting go of the stretch. At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

Thanks westla. Any other possibilities?

One foot to go

I always thought you would stretch straight up against the stomach (12 o’clock) then swept your hand as if it were the minute hand of a clock, to 1, 2,3…back to 12.


I know your intentions are good, but I feel you are putting us on.

Nope I have heard of these exercises. WestLA and MCStrate both got it correct!
It is stretching out and then ‘rotation’ your hand around clock-wise or counter clock-wise to hit all the angles!

Later Days

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