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Rookie - jelqing problem

Rookie - jelqing problem

Hello guys.. I’ve been doing the rookie routine for about a week and I am having a trouble keeping an erection during the jelq. I get myself about 70% hard and I start the jelqing but after 10-15 jelqs I lose the erection and have to stop , get hard again and then do it all again after 15 more jelqs.

Is there a problem or is it common with rookies or something like that ? And what kind of advice can you share regarding to the matter ? .

This is common. Simply continue doing what you are, if you lose your erection take the time to get it back. Add extra time to the end of your session to compensate or count strokes. As you progress you will probably gain better control of your erections. Kegeling in blood between strokes may help but watch out as this is a more advanced technique and can lead to greater pressures than you are used to.

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I am the opposite haha.

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