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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, and other cliches.


Avocets…..(the bird, that is)

I always thought they tasted good in gumbo…..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Tangerine asked: “How did you manage a 7” flaccid hang? How long did it take, and what routine did you use?”

I don’t know why yesterday turned out to be a crowning achievement day but I hope they happen frequently. That lasted until nearly dark, btw, when I did swimming laps.

There was no “routine,” per se. For years I did a lot of the PE excercises many of you do. I had no erect gains for about 3 - 4 months into PE. I wasn’t too discouraged with that because I enjoyed the pumping part of it and that was clearly helping my ED. At about month 4 I did start making erect gains; after that they happened relatively quickly with very few long plateaus.

However, in spite of gaining more than 2 erect L inches over a long space of time and a good amount of girth, I got virtually NO flaccid improvement and that was discouraging for the reason that I have always been kind of hyper sensitive about my flaccid size and that was a principle reason why PE was attractive to me.

Peforeal and I live near each other and had become friends. One day over a lunch I was whining about no flaccid gain. He suggested I try wrapping with the TheraP wrist thing; said it was working for him. I bought one (there are a number of threads here that talk about the TheraP, btw) and started wrapping both cock and balls after my PE workouts. I found it very comfortable for long time wear and used it every day. By then my ED was well under control and because I woke in the AM with erections, I started wrapping those when I’d get up. The TheraP would hold a good percentage of that tumescence for some time. I’d re-wrap after my PE for a few more hours so as to heal microtears in a somewhat larger state.

Over time (Rome was not built in a day) flaccid size started kicking in. I gradually got over my lifelong aversion to peeing at urinals in public men’s rooms and a definite flaccid shyness in gym locker rooms. Just that was incredibly freeing to me.

I still wrap most days - now with the ACE elbow thing which is more comfortable for me - for at least three hours a day. Now, whether I wrap or I don’t, flaccid is never under 5 x 5 (after exercise), about double what I used to be, pre-PE.

Having had one very nifty, full day at 7, I can tell you that I would have no trouble at all adjusting to that full time.

Some guys gain flaccid in proportion to their erect gains. I was not one of that group. Because of some fluke in my tissue composition - some kind of rubber-band effect? it took wrapping to get my flaccid gains going.

My point in telling you all this is to try to keep you all focused both on the work of PE and on your goals. I envy the guys who are able to get very fast gains and then get the hell out of Dodge (AKA Thunders) where the work is a major commitment of time and mental and often physical energy.


Cajun, you eat pulldeaus, not avocets. Now, I know that no self-respecting Cajun would put a lovely bird like an avocet into a gumbo. Besides. They are very skinny.



There are a lot of styles of ACE wraps and such. Can you tell us what this one looks like or the model number or something? Maybe a pic of the one you use on a web page?

I have the TheraP and don’t like it that much, although I have never done cock and balls. (maybe today?) But if the ACE works better, I might make a trip to Wally Mart if I can find the right one.

Here’s a link to their site and a pic.…=0&tid=0&pid=42

You just cut off that useless tab he is holding.

Try wrapping both cock and balls. Easier to do and more comfortable. An advantage of this one over the TheraP is that the fabric does not tend to bind over itself.




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