Hey everyone.

Ok, I’ve only being doing the traction and clamping for a short time now.

I’ve set up some timers on the computer,(CAN ANYONE SUGGEST A GOOD TIMER?)

So I met up with my girl today.

Licking pussy always makes me hard.

I couldn’t take it, I put on a condom and ring (as usual) and applied lots of lube to her ( I usually tear her)

and started.

great reaction.

I then put a vibrator on her clit and continued pumping, until she came a few moments later (very few moments).

I was pumping very shallow. Pussy muscles clamp, clamp, clamping as she came.

After being clawwed I continued pumping. SHE WOULDN”T LET ME OUT!

We changed positions to sidways, which hurt her too much. So we tried doggy style. Mind you she has already cum, but liked the feeling of the viens massaging.


1. - I usually can’t stay hard, so I use the ring. The ring is USUALLY INEFFECTIVE!!!!
2. - I could probably do without the ring soon!
3. - I usually don’t stay hard long enough for me to cum.
4. - I usually don’t feel anything, and can’t cum.

This time:
1. the hard on was harder
2. she came in 4 - 6 minutes flat, while we kept going for about 30minutes non stop.
3. she was kind of scared and the appearance of the cock (even though there SHOULD NOT be any change in size yet)

yesterday I did a lot of painful traction and clamping. - So, I really should not have been able to get hard AT ALL. My Dick should have been too sore.

When masturbating, I do it with the clamp (for the last 2 - 4 days anyway) CUM ( can’t take it off in time) and hold the blood in as long as possible.
Kegels all throughout the day.
traction for as long as possible before pain sets in. I tell myself that I will put on the unit in 5 min, but it ends up being a few hours.