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Rock hard erections for gains?

Rock hard erections for gains?

Now, I know this seems quite ridiculous, but I seem to get better penis gains when I watch porn/ have rock solid 9.5/10 EQ. The key though is the quality of the erection. Also, this is of course, separate from my PE routine.

I’m assuming that at 10/10 EQ all the blood is pushing against the walls of the penis engorging it and trying to ever expand the penis. However, the blood pressure is limited by the soft tissue in your penis. Surely at very high levels of EQ all this pressure can help gain some penis size?

Excuse me for my ignorance if what I am saying is laughable, but for me it seems like 10/10 erections can actually aid with gaining both length and girth.

I believe that there are some studies showing a slight correlation with masturbation and penis size, but I wonder how data on penis sizes will correlate with EQ. For example subjects A normally have on average 9.5/10 EQ and subjects B normally have a 8/10 EQ but during actual measuring both subject groups will have 10/10 erections. It would be enlightening to see if subjects in group A have on average larger penises than subjects in group B. I know no such study exists and it is fairly arbitrary to give an average EQ number. Furthermore, it can be argued that higher EQ=naturally higher testosterone and HGH=larger penis regardless. We could always try an informal data collection on the forums, but it would probably prove too difficult with not enough sample size….

Anyway, can anyone affirm my suspicion that very high levels of EQ can help with gains by putting pressure on the soft tissue of the penis? My guess that most people have only anecdotal evidence, but that is good enough.

Well, it makes sense. Even most, there are stories here around of people getting rock hard 10/10 EQ and they feel the tissue is forced to expand so much that it even help gains. But what I hate is that almost everything PE related nowadays are just theories. There is not really 100% sure that this is true. Im getting 10/10 and I’d rather see as a good PI and a result of good training. Should it helps me with my gains, I’d be most happy, because Im the kind of guy who has random 4 - 5 massive erections during the day and sometimes is even quite hard to hide it.

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