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Risk of injury over a long period

Risk of injury over a long period

I was wondering if any of you guys have experience doing PE for a period longer than 2 years? I mean, you might not have injuries initially, but are there any long term physicals side effects down the road? Is it possible to not have any signs of injury in the first couple of years, but then develop ED 10 years down the road? Is it more likely?

Another question just out there, as I’m a bit concerned over my long lasting health. If I do PE properly, low intensity, proper buildup, technique, etc. Etc., what are my chances of getting injured?


In that sense it is no more different than any other exercise, sport or hobby.
Providing you don’t overwork your system you will make advances. Read the pages her carefully follow instructions and don’t try to get fast results by overdoing things..

Just look at the joining dates of guys who post here and note their comments and results. - Far better than any lecture by me.

Have fun - and gains.

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What PetitFaun said.

I too am very cautious. Given the way you feel about this, you might consider following this lighter newbie routine that ramps up slowly:

NEW newbie + advanced routine


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