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Anyone tried this system of enlargment?

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Is that for real? Where did you come across that?

Surely that can’t be good for you! What happens if you strike a woody?

I guess it’s similar to the ball stretching rings, but I can’t imagine it being a realistic alternative to regular PE.

Bloody hell,
It would be great if you were flaccid all the time, but with PE the bloody thing is always changing shape and popping up at the wrong time

How are you anyway donkey. Joined the same time. What gains have you achieved and what is your routine

I agree with bug , what happens if you start to get an erection ? I wear my P.E. Weights at work all the time , and I do get erections there , helping all the hotty Milfs that come into the store . But with the P.E. Weights , there are a few inches left in front of the weighs for the blood to go , and it ends up being like a mild clamping session . With that many rings , seems like there would be no place for the blood to go , other than your glans . Could be a little dangerous .

And speaking of dangerous , I do not like the looks of those sharp ended little pins they are using for securing the rings together ! Yikes ! From my experience with rings and things , the smoother and more rounded things can be , the less pain is involved .

It’s an ancient method and surely proven, unfortunately not to those civilized people with Internet access (like you & me)

I’d give it a go if it wasn’t so damn hard to get hold of these toys.




Just use monie’s pe weights. They are great and way better then golf weights. The golf weights I had were all the same brand and everything but the hole in the middle was a slight different size in each his weights are made much better and way more comfortable.

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