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Rice Sock


Personally, I’d use something “smoother” and softer on my cock. Wrap your penis in one of your wool socks and see if you think that’d be comfortable, keeping in mind that you’re going to have it there for several minutes. I use some anti-blood-clot socks from a previous knee surgery. Very smooth.

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I used an old dress sock for mine… I like the the softer/thinner material, and the one I used would almost stretch to my knee, so it has plenty of length without having to stretch it.

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I’m using a new dress sock; that way it doesn’t smell like foot funk.

Hi, first time poster here. So I am trying to figure out a good warm-up technique and the rice sock has grabbed my attention. A quick question though. Is the rice placed in the sock and tied off, then placing it on my penis. Or, is the sock not tied off and I actually insert my penis into the warm rice? Thanks for the help. Also, if I were to use a bottle with warm water instead, would I actually be inserting my penis into the warm water or just putting the sealed bottle on top of my shaft?

A sock is used because you can wrap it around the penis. I think a skin burn might be likely if you actually put your penis directly into heated rice.

The rice is dry, BTW. I didn’t see that mentioned in the thread. Don’t use cooked rice. (:

Some guys do dunk their dick into water. I think that would be rather difficult to do unless you were standing up the whole time. But I think the water bottle idea is similar to the rice sock. You place it over or next to your penis to warm it up.

I was at the gym earlier this year, and I used the sauna to warm up. I kinda started stretching in there, keeping an eye out for anyone walking by. I think I was in there for like a good 10-15 minutes just tugging away. It felt pretty good, but I doubt it was as effective as the rice sock.

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