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Rice Sock Semi Erection

Rice Sock Semi Erection

When I do my pre-workout warmup with the rice sock, some combination of the heat and the contact gives me a semi-erection and increased engorgement even when completely flaccid after removing the heat. That engorgement seems to limit my stretch length during the actual stretching part of my workout. My BPFSL actually measures slightly longer if I just checked it before warming up with the rice sock.

Is there anything I might change up in the routine because of this? Maybe doing half my stretching before heat, and half after heat?

Peppermint oil on and around the glans on top and bottom. The burning/tingling allows me to stay completely flaccid during 20 mins of stretching. And you are correct, the semi-erect state will limit your stretching success.

I found a solution to this problem. Time and distraction. I do the rice sock warmup for 5 minutes. Then remove the heat and read Thunder’s for a couple minutes while the semi goes away. Then do a set of stretching, which for me again builds up into a semi after a few minutes. Then I do a little more reading Thunder’s til it goes flaccid again, etc, etc.

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