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Rice Sock or Hot rag?

Rice Sock or Hot rag?

Which is better for warmup? What do you use and why?

I use a hot cloth. I dampen a wet cloth and microwave it for 15 secs. Its easy to wrap and easy to use.

Hair dryer seems like it would work well.

I use an industrial heat gun and keep it at arms length.

The heat is long-lasting. Controllable and dry.

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We have a towel heater in our master bathroom which heats 4 large towel and a lot of little ones.

Originally Posted by a-unit

I use an industrial heat gun and keep it at arms length.

Not recommended if you have short arms! ;)

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Rice in a satin sack works great for me.

2 cups of Vialone (Italian Risotto) rice in a black wool sock is my favorite.

Keeping it warm in a closed plastic cup during session so it serves for mid- and end-session warming too.

The wool sock is made in Austria, maybe that’s why it keeps warmth so well :-)

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