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Reverse Kegels

Reverse Kegels

OK, I used the search function but without real success.

Can anyone explain to me what reverse kegels are and how to do them? I only know kegels.

In summary, a reverse kegel is performed in the opposite way to a regular kegel. It’s the same feeling as pushing your ass muscles for a dump. Next time you’re peeing try it out and you’ll notice your pee stream accelerates.

I’ve found reverse kegels especially useful when having sex to maintain maximum engorgement and regular kegels best for PE.

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I’ll try that

I used normal kegels to hold back orgasms but reverse kegels are better for it?

I bet that first topic is one I started.

Try simultaneously to shit and piss yourself. This is the absence of kegeling, or reverse kegeling. When you orgasm, it’s a muscle that is contracting. By reverse kegeling, or more appropiately, NOT kegeling, you can help prevent ejaclation.



I’ve always wondered why I can hold back ejaculation by kegel but not for long

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