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Reverse Kegel????

Reverse Kegel????

How to reverse kegel? I searched the ‘search’ but not found.
When to do? At the time edging?
How to use sex?
Is there a good routine?

3 times per week do the Kegel (normal) and edging two or three times.
5x 30 seconds (squeezing), 5x 25 seconds (squeezing), 5x20 seconds (squeezing)
, 5x15 (squeezing), 10x10 (squeezing), 10x 5 (squeeze), 10x 3 (squeeze) and 50x 1 second.

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My PICS/GAINS!5 months=2cm(0.79 inches) My PICS/GAINS!5 months=2cm(0.79 inches)

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If you squeeze (kegeling) in order to delay ejaculation, you actually cause it to happen sooner. Watch your balls. As you approach ejaculation, they pull up tighter. You can actually stay at the “point of inevitability” by having the little lady gently pull on the balls as she strokes you.

A reverse kegel is more than relaxing, it IS pushing. And although not as successful as a testicle pull, once the ejaculation starts, it can be used to stop it before your empty and prolactin builds up, thereby allowing you to cum again (and sometimes again). At least that’s what the book says. I’ve been able to stop the ejaculation, but it completely ruined the feeling for me. Instead,I became addicted to the ol’ scrotum pull.

The reverse kegel as an exercise appears to have little merit. As evidence of it’s relative unimportance, try doing a search on that term. You will find very little on that subject here at all. I think it’s quite safe just to forget about it!

No, "mch" does not stand for "my cock's huger!"

... although it may do in the foreseeable future! :D

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