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Reverse kegel to erection

Reverse kegel to erection

Hi all,

Just got a newbie question for you. When doing reverse kegels, I find that it is quite difficult to isolate the intended muscles.. I end up contracting my abs, my ass, even my breathing can get screwed up, if I ‘push’ too hard. I imagine I will get the hang of it in time though. Anyway, I noticed that when I concentrate really hard, a bit of blood is forced into my penis and if I continue increasing the intensity (this is difficult as I don’t have the proper control yet) I can actually get 1/2 or 2/3’s of the way to erection size. Are any of you able to go the full way? If so, do you think this could this be a PE routine in and of itself, sort of like pumping, only that you are ‘pushing’ the blood in yourself?

Appreciate any responses.

What do you expect “reverse kegels” to do for you? What muscles are you trying to isolate and what are you trying to do with them? I’ve never heard of anyone getting, or trying to get, an erection from this.

Have you read this thread? Reverse Kegels to relax stretch BC Muscle

I often get erections from kegels, but I even sometimes do reverse kegels do help me get rid of an erection if I need to. Never been anywhere near getting an erection from a reverse kegel.

Okay guys, thanks for the responses. I guess I got to read up some more and understand what I’m actually doing :D

You can increase blood flow to the penis by reverse kegeling, but I dunno about getting a full on erection.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

As far as I know, a reverse kegel doesn’t contract or push anything, quite the opposite. I think the name is misleading, it simply means relaxing the BC muscle (the opposite of a kegel). Have you been reading DLD’s stuff?

I dunno, I think the reverse kegel might actually be putting pressure on the bladder, which in turn, pushes blood somehow… I’m no doctor… into the penis. I’d like to know the science behind it, because I know it works.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

How can a relaxed muscle put pressure on something? I think we are talking about to different things. What’s your definition of the reverse kegel and where did you learn it?

Westla explains it here,
westla90069 - Reverse Kegel - An easy way to tell
DLD’s confusing description here (he calls it keggles(!) and refers to the BC muscle as the PC muscle btw),
DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

Obviously two different definitions. I was also confused because I read DLD’s stuff, but westla set me straight :)

Reverse kegel to me is bearing down like you’re gonna fart, and expanding your lower abdomen; if you do it right, you’ll feel your dick swell up with blood.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I see, yes, I’ve heard of that and I’m not denying how or if it works but I’m not sure if I would call that an reverse kegel though. So basically there’s two completely different definition for the same PE term, and no entry in the wiki either.

Technically, since a kegel involves contracting muscles a “reverse kegel” should involve relaxing them. Bearing down by contracting the abdominals isn’t relaxing anything and should probably have another name. The kazoo? :)

Dicko, the Wiki is editable.

Hehe, I dunno about that.

I think the name comes from the feeling, not the actual action - in a kegel, everything is being pulled up, but in a reverse, everything is being pushed down… well, hopefully not everything… that could get messy :p

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

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