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Reverse kegel routine?

Reverse kegel routine?


I have done reverse kegels for some time now but a couple of days ago when i got laid i noticed that i was suffering from premature ejaculation.

Could doing too much of reverse kegels cause this? Because in the beginning i started to see results and could last longer in bed.

For those who are doing reverse kegels, do you have a good routine to share to me?


It would seem unlikely that having better control over yourself would cause premature ejaculation. Hopefully, by doing reverse kegels you are

Was it a new partner? Were you particularly horny or turned on?

You may (or may not) find this thread useful.

Controlling My Orgasm: My Journey to Beat Premature Ejaculation.

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Are you doing an equal amount of standard kegels? Something about balancing pelvic floor yarda, yada, yada.

memento: No, i’ve been with the same girl a while now. Thanks for the thread-link, i will look it up!

Yoshi44: I believe i overdid the reverse kegels, i think i will do them as i started. 2 times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) (I do PE Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Right now i am doing just 1-sec reverse kegel, how long should i do that until i would try to like 3-sec reverse kegel? Any suggestion?

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