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Reverse Kegel Article

Reverse Kegel Article

Hey guys, found those videos yesterday and then this info on the reverse kegel

Hopefully this wont be moved to products. Explains sensations and methods of learning and doing kegels and reverse kegels (which I am focusing on).

Very good article. Never seen that much info on reverse kegels. Nice find.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I was thinking the same thing. the explanation they gove for it is awesome.

You should check pegym for this stuff, everytime someone comes up with an article it’s old news at pegym. There’s also great threads and groups on dry orgasms thanks to kegels, reverse kegels, some stuff on whole body orgasm, yoga poses to stretch the pelvic floor etc…

I think regular kegels do the trick just fine. I’ve always heard you should never force yourself to pee if you don’t have too. You’ll also get a weaker and smaller bladder by forcing yourself too pee if you don’t really have to go. (From what I’ve heard)

Start: Nov. 2017 - FL: 3.5", FG: 4", BPEL: 6.813, EL: 6.25", MSEG: 4.75"

Current: Feb. 2018 - FL: 4.75", FG: 4.625", BPEL: 7.375", EL: 6.8125", MSEG: 5.25"

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