Reverse kegalstretching routine

Hello. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve looked in to the world of PE. In the mean time, I put on a lot of weight, lost an inch of my dick to the mons pubis (pubic fat) and developed a case of premature ejaculation. I’ve started to shed the weight and now I want to get my dick in good shape too.

My goal is to milk out the small gains from manual stretching, improve blood flow and restore a balance to my pelvic floor muscles.

I’ve been getting the hang of reverse front kegels (forcing out the piss sensation) but I can’t find a routine anywhere.

Also, what’s the basic stretching routine now? I used to warm up, do a helicopter motion then stretch in all different directions for a count of 30-60 seconds with helicopters in between each set.

So to recap:

1) Is there a good reverse kegel routine?
2) What’s the commonly accepted basic manual stretching routine?
3) Should you do reverse kegels before/after manual stretching?