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I heard about PE a little over a year ago and began reading up on it. I tried it out for about 4 months and did not really notice any results so I assumed it did not work. I saw a movie by a urologist who said the penis is like a balloon and can be temporarily made larger but it will return to the original size afterwards. Long story short I gave up PE, until about two months ago when I started reading more on this forum and doing the beginner routine. Of course I thought I could start out doing some of the more advanced stuff because I had done it before. You can see where I am going with this. I tried out hanging very light weight and I noticed a 1/4” length growth in one month, which I contribute to the ligs being stretched out. I decided to get brave and up the weight slightly and started to notice pain in my abdomen from it, I promptly stopped. I am not sure what the issue is but I have had pain in my lower abdomen for around a month, which is dissipating but whenever I try to do regular stretches it hurts in my lower abdomen and naval. I am still taking it easy and not doing any sort of PE, other than the occasional stretch.

From what I have looked up the Penis is connected to the Superficial Fascia which is the layer of tissue right below the skin. Is it possible hanging caused this tissue to tear or become stretched out or is it the Ligaments? It may just be a slow healing process as I am able to lift weights and run but when I stretch my penis, I get the abdominal pain. I suppose the answer is pretty simple but any info on this or advice would be much appreciated.


Try to isolate your ligs, for example upward fulcrum stretching should be safe. Your issue sounds like an incipient ligs inflammation.

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