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Retracting penis, help

Retracting penis, help

Hey guys!

OK, so I have been using the Jes Extender for a couple of weeks now and I am getting used to it. I have also been practicing the newbie routine. So far things were good, I’ve been making sure to take adequate rest in the first month so my penis becomes used to the stress. I have been wearing the extender for only 3-4 hours daily. And have been doing the routine for 30 mins.

My question is, now, about 30 mins after I do the routine, my penis looks nice and big. However, it FEELS like it is retracting. And I can FEEL it trying to go back in.

Is this just the ligaments trying to revert back to normal? Did anyone else get results like this? Should I be using my extender for more hours to loosen up the ligs and stretch them out? Please help!

It is not uncommon for your penis to retract a bit after workout. In fact it might go into complete turtle.

Do a search on Turtleing as this has been discussed at length. There are many solutions you just need to pick one that fits your circumstance the best.

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