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Retaining growth a couple other questions

Retaining growth a couple other questions

Hi, I’m new here. This is my first post :)

So yeah.I’m definitely not satisfied with my penis size. Well, I have a problem with my girth. It’s just too small. If it were just.half an inch bigger I would be completely content! I like my length. It’s half a foot and I’d like to keep it that way. I’d hate to have sex with a girl and repel off of the end of her vagina rather than my crouch, ya know? That would annoy the hell out of me. Anyway, my question is once I start jelqing and make some progress, do I have to keep doing it to keep my gains?? Or can I stop at some point once I’m satisfied with what I have? I really don’t want a BIG penis. I don’t want to make girls uncomfortable and I don’t wanna fuck slutty loose vaginas. Anyway, I also was wondering if I need two hands to properly jelq or is there some way I can do it with one? I broke my wrist recently and it’s in a caste :( . Also, I was wondering how bad is the sensitivity loss when you have made some progress jelqing? I kind of would like to make that minimal.

My measurements
5.5-6 inches long (in the process of losing body fat)
4.5-4.75 :( (the urethra makes it bigger but it’s not really all that solid so I’m not sure whether to count that)
In girth going for 5-5.25
What do you guys think the max amount of time it would take to reach my goal?

You can use one hand no problem, I broke a thumb a while back and kept my routine up while in a cast. What you’re asking about is cementing gains which you shouldn’t worry about because girth gains typically take quite a long time to achieve. From what I’ve read most people continue some form of a routine in order to keep gains and always have that improved EQ that comes from PE.

Start 6/13/08 NBPEL = 5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=3.5 FG=4.5 Now 8/5/08 NBPEL = 5.5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=4 FG=4.75Goal NBPEL=7 EG=5.5 NBPFL=5 FG=4.75

My Pics/Log

I thought with jelqing you had to hold your dick still after one stroke near the head and start again from the base with the other hand while holding it

If you Kegel’ while relaxing the grip, before repositioning your hand at the base of the penis for the next stroke, you can do effective jelqs with just one hand.

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