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Dude you should your name to something more positive and try the same with your attitude, thats what’ll really determine your sucess out there. Your stats arent massively below average so you dont have this as an excuse to blame everything on and on the other side I read about one guy with stats similar to yours who got 8” in the end

Westla’s avatar is no worse then Xl waving his ‘cactus’ about

He said : Is there a correlation between races and speeds of gains? Also can somebody confirm that asians have the smallest penis's, I have done a lot of research and it says they do; but I ran into 1 study (done by an asian tho, so I don't know if accurate) where he said we all have the same size.

Aren’t you asian? I’m. I got a smallest dick before I start PEing. Now I’m still the smallest, but I got more confidence :)

You know your girl story is pretty similar to mine, except it’s not all about the penis size. Forget about it. Something else you need to care about as you have mentioned. Build a bright future, earn more money for new mobile phone, new modern car, a big house with a high-tech Karaoke set and great happiness to your family.

Good luck!



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

Originally Posted by westla90069
In a word: yes.

Would that be before or after I fuck your ass raw? ;)


Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Hey, LowSelfEsteem, Sounds like there should be a name change in the future. Thunder can hook you up on that. Good going man. Keep up the good work and when you are finished, go see your ex girlfriend. Now you will have to be nice to her so you can do this trick. First show her what you have gotten since the last time you saw her. At that point, she will ask you back to her place. Take her up on it and go. When you two are in the heat of passion, slap her in the forhead with your dick. Do it hard enough so it leaves an imprint. As you get dressed and walk out the door, tell you you did that so all of her friends could see how big of a pussy she has.

Best of luck on future gains.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Originally Posted by westla90069

Would that be before or after I fuck your ass raw? ;)

LMMFAO, again.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

That bitch really pisses me off and I’m sure in years to come she will get what she deserves.
(Probably be 80 pounds over weight and have 4 screaming brats and a husband that drinks a 12 pack a day, laying on the couch watching TV)
Please don’t let some comment from her stop your education or change your plans in any way. You are young and have a full life ahead of you. You are at a time in your life where you can make a good future for yourself. You have found Thunders and a large group of great guys and gals who will help you in any problems that come up. (I bet you could even get help with math, science or history not just PE) Take your time with your PE as it is hard to gain with a broken dick. Follow the advice of the good gainers and learn from their experience. Keep studying and work on your PE and by the time you are out of college you will have the education you need and dick you want. Revenge on the bitch is not necessary, she will bring that on herself. Don’t waste your time on anything negative only work toward what will bring positive results to “your” life. To help me get through some tough times I printed a note and taped it to my desk with the following quote —————— “I DO NOT GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO TAKE MY JOY, HAPPINESS, AND GOOD MOOD FROM ME”

Live — Learn ——- and Love —- so you can——

Make it big at Thunders ——————Necogy

Originally Posted by LookingForSize
Hey Westla, I have no problem with your gayness, but must we see all your “boy love” avatars??

I might even let you give me a hummer when I`m in the LA area..

You have a lot of room to talk Mr. “Your dick looks so good, I’d suck your dick if I was gay”. Why is it that some guys love to watch lesbians in action, but when it comes to two guys kissing, it is gross? No one is forcing you to be aroused by it.


Eleanor Roosevelt said one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard. She said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

I look at it like a good thing, my mother is in bad health and I can really spend time with her if God wishes to take her, also I can attend Purdue which has always been my dream, it was the school my father went to.

Starting Erect Length(Aug.1.05: 4.5BP

*Erect Length(March.5.10): 6.00BP****Erect Girth: 4.5

(PE on and Off, Starting March/10 I am going at it full on)

Hey LSE, I usually don’t post but I’ll make an exception this one time. (I wanted to wait till I’m a veteran PEer) I’m your stereotypical Asian, good at math, on the smallish side, blah blah blah.

I just wanted to let you know although I’m pretty sure size matters, it’s not EVERYTHING. Even though my dick is small (5x4.5) I had a lot of girlfriends (not all Asian) that kept coming back for more sex with me. Despite my small dick I didn’t let it ruin my confidence and I think that made all the difference. I used to think “OK, I have a small dick. What am I going to do with that fact?” (Of course now I know what to do. YAY! ) I learned to give women really good orgasms, made them feel loved, became a good BF to them. Surprisingly it seemed that my small dick didn’t matter much anymore (though I’m sure it’ll help when I do have a not small one).

Do you give good oral? Have good technique? Do you make them feel loved? Do you even care to make them feel good or are these fuck buddies? Are the girls you’re interested in sluts? Or are they good decent girls? Are you good to them? There are so many things that matter more..

Honestly as others have said, if some bitch is making comments like that she’s probably not worth your time. I’d like to call her a whore and such but I won’t.. :) Here’s a thought (something I like to do), while you’re PEing, do you work on others parts of your life too? It sounds like you are and that’s a good thing. Here’s your Asian philosophy for the day. Make the source of who you are good and the rest of what makes you you will take care of itself.

I just want you to know that there are other Asians with small dicks out there who’ve overcome the ‘small dick’ syndrome. Hopefully I’ll get rid of it altogether with the ‘big dick’ syndrome. :) I’m sorry if I’m off topic or sound bad in anyway.. It’s just that my heart goes out to you. Good luck LSE.

Originally Posted by LowSelfEsteem
Well a smile of achievement wiped away. In just a matter of minutes I have been emotionally pushed to take a year off of college. I was in a great mood as I went to the local coffee shop just underneath my apartment and seriously within 10 minutes I was running out of the door embarrassed. My ex-girlfriend came in and my friend made a comment about her, thinking it was from me she made fun of my size again. It was almost like a scene from Anger Management, she was the bully who just came in and pulled down my pants; as the girl I wanted to begin talking to sat and laughed. Maybe somebody out there has gone through something like this, but I guess you got to look at the bright side, I can spend more time with family; raise money; do more PE; and see if another college suits my needs.

-Still Dedicated.

I can empathize with you 100% man. Read my introductory post if you want. We’re definitely in the same boat:

I’d like to introduce myself.

Man_with_a_plan at is my email. Don’t hesitate to email me if you’re having problems and maybe I can be of some assistance, a shoulder to cry on or something. I’ve taken time off from college, I was reclusive, bitter and all that, suicidal even for some time. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in your own skin. Mark Twain once said “The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.” So true, so true.

Look at the support shown in this post, in my post, and in a lot of the other posts. We are surrounded by altruistic, well-intentioned, intelligent people. We are in good hands. Stick around, keep doing the routines and eventually your hard work will pay off. You’ve already seen some results (I am going to post my first PE experience up, which was pretty much a bust), so you know this stuff works. I know it’s hard, but don’t let your ex bring you down.

I think that I’m living proof that if you search hard enough you will find someone incredible and worth all the heartache and suffering that you are experiencing. Keep your head up and like I said, don’t hesitate to email me if you feel down and out and you think no one understands what you’re going through.


Quadruple? MJ should be so lucky. Our asian friend is going to see an exponential increase in spam…


Yahoo is more then equipped to deal with spam, if your going to be so silly as to post it publically then thats the address to do it with it. My old yahoo address used to correctly bin 1000 or so spam mails a day I got on my old address, only a few got through ocassionally


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