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Hi gys,
im from Germany, so my english is maby not the best. Hope you respect that. I got a few questions about PE(Penis Enlargement)

At the moment my dick is errect ~ 15cm(6inch) At the moment i use the penisplus ( for enlarging my penis. When i use this thing 2yeras, what a result can cum to my dick??? Is penisplus good,or maye i have to use a other thing to enlarge the dick? I wear the penisplus 10-12ours a day. Is it enough? I´, so sorry about my very bad english-hope you understand a little bit. I´m looking forward to hear from you.

Thank´s a lot.


Warrior welcome to Thunder’s!

Unfortunately, this is one of the great unknowns in PE. Finding what will work best for you. My advice, if you haven’t already done so is to measure your penis. Search the forums to find the best way of doing this. Most measure erect length bone pressed as the pubic bone provides a good foundation to garner consistent measurements.

Then simply carry on what you are doing. If I were you i’d also incorporate the newbie routine into your PE lifestyle. Again use the search feature to find this info. Carry on wearing your penisplus after your manual exercises. Measure monthly and read more as you go, adding more advanced moves as your PE career picks up and your penis gets more conditioned to the work.

The monthly measurements will obviously inform you whether the things you are doing are working for you.

To the victor the spoils.

Genitals prefer Blondes

Thank´s for your answer!! I think i will work with ervery method i can find in the www. Maybe not erverythings works, but i think that can´t be wrong if i do everything for enlarge my penis. At the moment i want to built a machine for jelging. Like the machine from the website . I dont Know why, but it´s not possible for me to order this machine from their website. I think they have serverproblems. maybe I went into a buildingcenter and looking for paintrolls und prepare it for me. Hope you know what I mean. I think it´s important that the blood is going into the penis and enlarge this. (Sorry my english is too bad) Doing with hand oder with a machine is not so important I think. Are there any websits with Results from people who really enlarge their penis, perhaps with before/after datas?

Thank´s a lot und sorry for my bad english…


Hi Warrior,

I´m from germany, too. Sei gegrüsst !!! ;-)

I write in english, so others can read this too. I´m wearing the penimaster since two weeks now and make some manual stretches, dry jelquing and hanging. Sometimes I pump, too.

I would not buy this powerjelquer. Many people in this forum have written, that dry jelquing or jelquing with some fluid is better and I think so too.

My penis size is a little bit more than 6 inch, but I have too measure it correctly. I don,t know, how to measure bone pressed, yet.

Good look in PE and greetings from another Pe´ler from germany.


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