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Originally Posted by coffeeman
Did you get any gains from this?

Would you say you have gained considerably wearing the extender compared to 5 years of manual?

No I do not believe I have any gains from that. By the time I would have any gains, I would have stopped definitely long enough for them to disappear. That was the half ass approach. I made a decision to actually grow my penis. And that is what I am doing now. I’m an inch longer than one year ago, almost up to 7 inches currently. Most of that is most likely due to my extender. I stretched and jelqed previously for sexual health and curiosity. Do it right. Get a good extender or hang properly. And jelq nearly everyday. Listen to your body!

Originally Posted by quim92
Do your use the peni master pro?
Can you wear it outside?
What position do you think is the more effective? Upwards downwards?

I assume both are quite effective, penimaster company recommends down. Up is not concealable. Therefor I could not use it that way. I usually don’t even have a shirt on


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