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Results: What I see with a different perspective


Results: What I see with a different perspective

I don’t post here much which is why this is in the newbie forum, mods, please move if you think that is appropriate.
I’ve been practicing PE for quite some time now and the ruler tells me that I’ve gained about 1.25” BPEL and about .5” girth. I’d love more girth but that is not the point of this post.

The other day my wife was giving me a blow job and I had a good view of the action.

Her hand was tight around the base of my dick and she was working on the head and upper shaft.

I noticed that her thumb and forefinger barely touched at the base of my dick and there seemed to be a lot of cock above her hand. I mean A LOT! More than I remember seeing in the past. I found it very stimulating. I LOOK HUGE!

I guess that the growth was not very obvious to me before because I’m so used to seeing my own much larger hand around my dick. I find myself now looking at porn and comparing the women’s hand around the men’s cocks to what I saw the other night and I have to say that I compare much more favorably than I would have expected!

That’s awesome!

I know what you mean grower. That is the best motivation.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Nice gains there!!

That is great news! What were your stats before you started PE?

The earliest accurate measurements I took were 6.25 BPEL and 4.5 girth, averaged over 3 measurements. I may have started out a little shorter than that, but my measurements were sketchy (read hopeful). My NBPEL is now greater than my starting BPEL which feels good.

Oh, and thanks for all the positive responses!

Very nice gain grower.

I think the real satisfaction that comes with a bigger penis is in the practical results, and not just with what the ruler says.

Now imagine the opposite. I once dated a chick who was 5”10 185 (college basketball forward) who’s hands were bigger than mine! No man should EVER know what it feels like for a hand bigger than his to touch his dick lol

Congrats, grower1965. I think it takes most of us a really long time to get used to the idea of having a big dick, when we’re conditioned ourselves to percieve ourselves as small. Good for you!!

:_pump: :donatecar

Well done man! What is your routine?

Starting again, this time it's serious.

Start: (10.2012) BPFSL: 7.5" BPEL: 7" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5"

Now: (3.2013) BPFSL: 7.8" BPEL: 7.4" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5.25"

Yeah mate, seriously great gains.

I guess my question is the same as slammin dj,

that and, do you hang, or ads, any of that? Or just manual mate?

cheers buddy.

Stats measured from 15/9/08: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.5"

Current: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.75"

Long term goal: *7x6!* - You know, if you really want to please a healthy woman, all you need is love, honestly. But hey, why not have a big **** too?

All manual. Stretching and jelqs. I don’t have a set routine as far as time or number of reps but I’ve gone at it pretty hard from the start. I’m clamping fairly heavily now for girth but not having a lot of success. Enough to keep working at it but very slow gains.

Since when did you start clamping?

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