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Results from about 3 months of PE

Results from about 3 months of PE

So I just want to share with you, my progress and results from the 3 months of PE(give or take and 4 week break in the middle of it).

I started at roughly 16 cm, and kept measuring that even when I felt that my EQ had gone up. My girth was around 11.5.

I have only done the newbie routine, and is still doing it, now when I picked up PE again. So yeah, I went steady for about 1½ month then I came back to my nation of birth and took a 4 week break. I felt that my penis had shrunk, and I measured around 16 again, from about 16.8-17 right before I took the break.

I measured myself today and was happily surprised, with a rock-solid hard-on I was holding my dick which had grown to 17.8x13. I had to re-measure twice, just to make sure I didn’t do it incorrect, and I was stunned.

So yeah, I am hella happy to see the progress.

I have a question though, I have not experienced any injuries(AFAIK), even though I jelq at 90-100% erection, and stretch with the power of both of my hands. Is it because of the heightened risk for injury one shouldn’t jelq at high erection levels? Also, I have not felt any ligament pops, so that is not the reason for my length gain, unless they are hard to feel.

Lig pops are NOT linked to gains. Jelqing above 85% erection is about no point.

Congrats for your great gains.

Originally Posted by marinera
Lig pops are NOT linked to gains. Jelqing above 85% erection is about no point.

Congrats for your great gains.

Well, that is great to hear. So jelqing at high erection rate is less beneficial than a 60-70%?

herkaderk - congratulations on the gains. What a let down when you lose it. So glad you stuck it out and put it back on with cement. I’m sure it will stick. I hear guys get white and red spots on their glans from little vessel pops when they aren’t in shape for it. Being we’re all different I can imagine some may always be susceptible to those injuries. I’ve done some serious clamp type pressure jelqing and never experienced those spots. I mix it up from top to bottom and the bulk of the jelqs are at a lighter pressure.

I’m thinking my vacation in July will be a no PE vacation. I keep hearing how a break does something to get you growing again. It will be interesting as I am doing enough jelqing to give me Popeye’s arms. I measure this week and I feel bigger but I have my reservations. Maybe tonight I’ll measure as the suspense is starting to kill me. :)

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.


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