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Results worried

Results worried

I’m new to this forum, though I’ve done PE for the last year. My story: very surprised to discover I was 4.75” hard, got into PE and supplements, then had a BPEL of 7” and a girth of 5.5 after 12 months. Pretty cool, I thought…. until nothing happened for the next three months. Am I at my peak? If so..damn :-) I’m shooting for the classic 8x6.

Also, and this is the very alarming thing, I undertook a regimen to lose weight- I’ve been doing 45 minutes of hardcore cardio followed by an hour of weights every night for 6 months. Went from 245 lbs flabby to 185 lbs hard. Another great improvement, BUT..

Well, suddenly my scrotum is the size of, the size of…, well damn it, it’s small. My testicles have taken up permanent residence high in my lower abdomen. The “sack” itself is extremely tight and “unpliable”… My wife bought me a cock ring and it was a major event trying to get the testicles to descend so I could put it on…

Pumping was a big part of my PE routine… now every time I try to pump my testicle (one or the other) gets sucked into the tube and it hurts like hell. If you can imagine the “whish whish whish ARRRRRGGG” it’s very embarassing. This was never a problem before. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix? I have no problem talking to my doctor about this if that’s what it takes…. I can’t find anything related to this problem on the web. Any feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks guys!

Oh, and I should say—let’s keep PE a secret, huh? If every guy finds out about it then the natural 9 inchers will become 13 inchers and the rest of us will just have to work harder.

Number one, keep your balls warm. And number two, just grab them and stretch out the scrotum.

I agree makn_progress, keep PE a secret.

Try hot shower before putting on the ring.

Pull your penis up and stretch your scrotum down for 120 seconds, then pull scrotum to one side and penis to other for 90 seconds in each direction. This also will make your penis look bigger as it will hang downwards more rather than rest on tightly raised balls. It doesn’t take long to stretch out the scrotum either, you’ll notice a difference quite soon.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Great advice from Redwood. It shouldn’t be a problem, Makn. The scrotum is easy to stretch out.

BTW, welcome to Thunder’s.


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Makn, I think Congratulations are in order for those awesome gains.
I’ve been PEing for a year (jelqs) and have had a 1/4 inch gain in length and 1/2 inch gain in girth.
I’ve just started pumping this week with a gravel tube from petsmart and right now I’m just sucking on the hose for pressure until it feels right. I’m gonna bid on some vacuum gauges on ebay until then.

Also, try stretching your sack every now and then for a few minutes each day and that should even itself out real soon. Good luck with that.

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I am assuming that your story is true. Therefore I assume that your wife knows of your pe?

How could she not if you gianed 2 1/4” in length. Congrats. Do a search on Ball sack stretching. Many guys have gotten good sucess with ingenious methods of stretching the sack out. If you need to increase the volume of you balls try doing a search on Damiana a supplement.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for the advice… I will start making stretching the scrotum a part of the routine and see what happens! Given the results I’ve gotten with other PE techniques, I’m very optimistic.

2) Yup— wife knows all about it. I could go on all day about the talks we’ve had about size and what her real opinion is, I’ve even talked to her friends— the bottom line: women are women, men are men, all are different. Some women are size queens, some women are not- the size queens are very few and far between if they are kept happy in the sack. :-) Any woman will complain if she’s not getting off. Wouldn’t we? BUT—women love looking at “sizely” ones… no woman would go to a male strip show expecting to look at tiny ones, but most of them aren’t looking for 12 inchers except as a novelty either. In this regard, the same goes for us with tits. Strippers with NO boobs are a problem, strippers with 66DDDDDs are a novelty item, anything in the “normal” range is cool for us… isn’t it? Luckily, if a woman has an “a” cup and wants to be a stripper she can get them fixed. We can’t. Also- think of all the boob varieties there are… the women had more to say about the LOOK of a penis than the size of the thing. So the size was not an issue for my wife- it was an issue for me.

—BUT— because she knows about it SHE bought me the best, most expensive pump the local “nasties” store had to offer. Dude, lay off of the Pet-smart fish gravel tube— save up the bucks and order a pump online if you’re embarrased— honestly, I couldn’t buy one in a store either. It also cracks her up when I say “That’s not mine” in my best Autin Powers voice.

I also should comment on the gains, which even I thought were remarkable. Here’s the deal— I didn’t have to shave daily until I was 32—- you’d think I’d take this as a warning—- I had a testosterone deficiency. A bad one, apparenly related to an accident I had as a kid. My “equipment” was just plain not developed. My doc helped me take care of the problem with prescription treatments, and I’m not done yet. The problem is, though, that this therapy probably wouldn’t work for most guys who have normal testo levels. If your levels are normal and you try this, you will have all kinds of strange side-effects. Don’t do it! I thought it might be important to tell this story for those of you out there who might be able to benefit from a trip to the doctor. Believe it or not, they can be understanding about this stuff. — Well, actually, my doctor gets very angry when I talk about PE or pumps, he insists that the potential for damaging Mr. Willie is very high. I think caution is the key, and don’t drink and pump! :-)

Thanks again guys!

Hey Makn_progress, I’m new to this website but not so new on pumping, and I’ve also had past experiences where my scrotum get caught in the cylinder, thats why you use the 2nd cylinder, 3” or larger. This cylinder is designed to suck both your penis and scrotum at the same time. And your Scrotum will always feel uncomfortable in the beginning because your scrotum arent made to be pulled out, so my suggestion is start with a lower pressure if you ever get the 3” cylinder and increase the pressure as time pass by. I hope this can help you a bit. If you’re going to stick with your first cylinder then you should always warm up your scrotum and pull it down a bit so it won’t get caught in the cylinder.

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