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Total newb question, but I have been doing the newb routine for the last 2 days, gotten surprising results from it, and today is supposed to be my rest day however I feel like I should be fine to do the routine again today with no problems as I’m not sore in anyway.. No bumps or red dots ect.. Does that mean I should be ok with a slightly different schedule like 3 on 1 off or?. I am a VERY healthy eater - like what I put into my body - and I think this might have something to do with it. I am a newb tho and just wanted some input.

I also workout upwards of 3 days a week minimum.. And was wondering if that in anyway effects how my penis heals ect.. Any input is MUCH appreciated!


First off I must say I am impressed by your healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is always good for healing, so naturally it would be great for PE.

Going 3 on 1 off should work out fine for you if you feel like your body can handle it. You could try 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off to math the week. In the end however it is up to you to judge how your body can handle increased exercise. Pay attention to things like EQ and flaccid hang. If both are increased then you’re current routine work/rest time should produce results. Decrease accordingly to your decreases in either of these.

Also keep in mind increases in exercise time and intensity are not always wanted. Stronger exercises are for stronger penile fibers, and stronger penile fibers gain slower. You’ll have judge what you think your penis needs for more or increased gains.

Best of luck to you!

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Originally Posted by juiice
Decrease accordingly to your decreases in either of these.

Thanks for the reply! It is encouraging! So what you are saying from your statement above is if I notice my “flaccid hang” not hanging as low then I likely went overboard and it wasn’t as beneficial to my penis as if I would have done a little less or not been so hard on it?

Yes that’s exactly right. PE not only increases your penis size but also you’re penis health. If your penis isn’t looking as healthy in any way then you toning your sessions down some is a good idea. Also your penis should be swollen and engorged after a session, this indicates that the session was effective in achieving expansion.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I never want “down time” , I like 5 or 6 on 1 off , I know, probably not a good idea

OK, my day off I do erect bends and stretches,(working on a curve)

Should I not have sex while purple dots are still visible

Hey guys,

I am fairly new to P.E. (About three weeks in) and I have read that purple dots on the shaft or the tip of the penis after jelqing is normal. My question is, should I wait till the dots are completely gone to have sex?

Thanks in advance.

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Purple dots might be a sign of overtraining. Are your PIs positive right now besides the dots? If you can maintain a high erection quality and a lower and larger hang post session then sex should be fine.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.


Sorry, I didn’t know what you meant when you said “P.L.”. I’m a little new to all the abbreviations. I did completely hold off yesterday, no masturbating or sex but I could have sustained an erection. I only had a slight discomfort yesterday but it seems to have diminished today. I’ve only been doing P.E. For about 3 weeks. I haven’t noticed any noticeable gains just yet, but then again I didn’t take any measurements. When I started I was jelqing once a day. I started out with 10 minute jelqing sessions for about a week then moved to 15- 20 minute sessions for the following 2 weeks. I just became a member of Thunder’s place and from my readings I think I may be jumping the gun a bit on my exercises. Would you suggest I just start over and start fresh with the “newbie routine”? Would this affect me negatively in any way?

Thanks in advance.

Wow its weird to find another car person on this forum. I have a S13.

On another not I do find myself randomly taking two days off instead of one, usually b/c I am to tired. I would rather have a good workout when Im awake and count it in as to me being half asleep and forget time and numbers blah blah blah.

Dots on the glans are an indication that you’re building too much pressure when jelqing. You can still have sex with them as long as you’re not feeling any pain from it. But they are a sign to back off on your jelqing pressure, and since you are just starting out, they are also a sign that you should back off on your overall workout volume. Maybe start over with an easier version of the newbie routine like you mentioned. PI’s are physiologic indicators, or penis indicators as I like to think of it. They are the signs your penis gives you about its health. Quality of erections, a full flaccid hang vs turtling, spotting, feeling of tiredness or soreness, erection frequency, ease of erection, etc. It basically means, listen to your dick when deciding how much to do. When you get negative PI’s, it’s telling you to take an extra rest day, or lower your force, or volume.

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Originally Posted by king snake
I never want “down time” , I like 5 or 6 on 1 off , I know, probably not a good idea

This brings up another question, is something like working out 5-6 times in a row without a rest day ok? I know from lifting weights, if you work a muscle group and get sore that its really not a good idea to that muscle group out again until you have fully recovered. However, if you do your exercise’s and your penis isnt sore, and say you are on your 3rd workout in a row.. Is it ok to continue PE or should one just take a day off anyway?

Working out 5 days in a row is perfectly alright if your penis is able to handle it. Use PIs to judge how well your penis can handle increased workouts.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Thank you kind Sir!

People, remember more is NOT always better. Your technique, consistency, and conditioning is what your focus should be on, not how much you are doing. You will read members here that have more intense routines and have added minutes to their exercises but they have also properly conditioned their penis to handle the exercises. Injury leads to slow gains…toughening up your penis leads to slow gains, over exercising your penis leads to slow gains. Go slow to gain fast…

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