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Resting until discoloration goes away

Resting until discoloration goes away

Whenever I over do it on the jelqs and I get a little discoloration on my penis head I figure the best thing I can do is take the next day off to wait for the discoloration to go away. Should I wait until the discoloration completely goes away before I resume the excerises? Input appreciated. Cheers.

You get discoloration every time? It lasts for longer than a day? Maybe you should back off on the intensity a bit. I get discoloration, but it goes away after about a half an hour. Just a thought.


Yeah my colours always changing from almost skin colour (white that is) to red, to purple.

Good luck with controlling discoloration, but if discoloration starts and stops your routine be prepared for the process of getting gains to take longer. Personally, I never worried about it, but understand why some do.


Now that I have reread your post with some form of intellegence I see you answered both my questions :D . Just back off on the intesity. I wouldn’t let it stop your routine. It also depends on what kind of discolorationg you are talking about as well. If you are talking bruising then that is one thing, but darkening or “tanning” type discoloration is common and very much normal.


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