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Rest day question

Rest day question

Can someone explain how important is it to take a rest day?
What does the rest day actually achieve?
I do a lot of kegels and have not taken any rest days from them, but wonder if I should?

As a newbie, I am finding the rest days such an annoyance and feel as though I am wasting time that could be spent jelqing, stretching or pumping. So far I have avoided full masturbation on workout days other than taking it to the point of no return and stopping before I ejaculate. Then to try and make some use of the rest day I either masturbate to the point of no return several times before finally letting it explode, or else I have sex.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The rest days let the cells in the penis to rebuilt again. Its like training, when you train, your muscles decompose and when you rest the muscles rebuilts.

I don’t think you should stop kegel on rst days but maybe its good to have a day without any PE, to think about other things?

Thanks for that advice. What about masturbating or sex on the rest days? Or should I just go fishing?

That’s debatable and there are threads about it on this forum. One quicky can’t harm I think.

I usually go fishing:)


It’s soon mackerel season. Boat, beer and fishing.


Originally Posted by petrus47
It’s soon mackerel season. Boat, beer and fishing.

Yes. Me too living on the west coast of Sweden so we probably fish in the same water :) .

But I guess at least one rest day in a week is good. Perhaps even two.

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