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Rest and Results!

Rest and Results!

Just completed day six of rest after about two weeks (9 sessions) of the squeeze and stretch routine. Although I haven’t measured, I know I’m thicker than when I started. I used to be able to barely slip a toilet paper roll over my dick (5.5” circumference). I’ve tried for the past few days and I’m not even close to being able to slip the roll on! So I know the increase in thickness is not just my imagination or careless measuring. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I have stretch marks on my dick, and until about a few days ago, when I got a full erection and kegeled, I experienced soreness/aching in the head. Is this the sign that I’ve achieved those micro-tears and that I’m beginning to rebuild with a larger capacity? All of the soreness has disappeared when I’m flaccid since resting, and when I get a raging hardon I feel only the slightest hint of the soreness I felt four to five days ago. So tomorrow is my final day of rest and I plan to resume the squeeze routine Sunday. Any vets out there with similar experiences?

why are u resting so much, is it part of the program or did u hurt yourself. Is it six days rest in a row.


Have you read the thread on rest days in the main forum?

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I don’t know whether 6 days rest may be too long however I tried one heavy week then one light week for a month and it seemed to work for me. Keep us posted - it’s still experimental so the more feedback we can get the better.

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I joined Big Al’s program after about 3 months of jelq and PowerJelq. I was experiencing some soreness after two weeks of the jelq-free routine, so he suggested I take a rest until it subsided completely. I’ve seen the rest thread you’re referring to and may try something along these lines when I resume workouts tomorrow. Thx.

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