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I’ve been basically doing a routine similar to the newbie routine seriously for about 6 weeks.I’ve been doing dry jelqs instead of wet ones. After first few weeks I felt great, fuller erections and a better hang.but lately for the last few weeks I feel like jelqing and stretching aren’t doing anything. It’s like my penis toughened up, and doesn’t get as much of a work out from these exercises.. Guess I’m just wondering if this is normal? Just kinda disappointed workouts don’t feel like they are working as much now as in the start.. Also for wet jelqs whats a good lube? Might switch out the dry jelqs for wet to see how that works for me. Thanks

If you think your dick is getting conditioned or used to your routine, you may want to switch it up a bit. I’m pretty new to PE so can’t speak from experience but it seems logical and has been suggested many times. As far as lube goes, I use Albolene and it works great for me.

Your body adapts to whatever it is exposed to, so if you continue the same exercises for a long time the penis will eventually become essentially “strong” enough to withstand the exercises.

But, be aware that you should continue your routine for a while (month or more) after you feel like your exercise routine needs to be stepped up. This period is called “cementing” and will ensure that the gains you have made will stay.

I don’t know how others feel, but when I switch my routine I like to take 2-3 weeks off between just to let my penis rest. I feel like the new exercises (or the same old ones for that matter) are more effective again after a long break.

And finally, be careful not to overdo it. Take it easy. Work into your new routine slowly, etc. Etc. This can’t be said enough.


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