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Request: Rice sock guide!

Request: Rice sock guide!


I’m thinking of starting to use a rice sock for warming up, and I know that a lot of people here have these same questions, so it would be great if someone could help us out!

1. What kind of sock do you recommend? (material, color, size etc Not brands, since you might no be able to get that brand everywhere)
2. What kind of rice do you recommend?
3. How much rice should you fill the sock with? (100%, 75%, 50%)
4. Can you use duct tape/other kinds of tapes/glue to close it?
5. Should you put a glass of water in the micro next to the rice sock for a “moist effect”?
6. How long time should you heat it in the micro?
7. How hot will it get and how long time should you apply it on the penis?


1. I used a durable athletic sock.

2. The real kind. Don’t get instant rice!

3. I filled my halfway so I could wrap it around easily.

4. Use string. Glue will melt in the microwave?

5. I’ve never tried that, but I guess it might have that effect.

6. I heat mine for 90 seconds.

7. Mine gets pretty hot but tolerable. I warmup for 10 minutes.

1. White cotton sports sock will work just fine. Football (soccer) socks are a little long so I wouldn’t recommend them.

2. Regular, long grain white rice. You can also use barley, buckwheat, or flax seeds (you can add some essential oils to make everything smell pretty too).

3. I’ve filled mine to maybe 50%. you can experiment until you find an amount you like.

4. I would recommend either sewing it shut, or just tying a knot. I actually cut both the ends off mine and sewed them together through the middle making it a long tube.

5. I too have never tried the glass of water, but given the time it’s in there I don’t imagine it would have much effect unless the water is already steamy.

6. I put mine in for 1min 12sec. That seems to be perfect, but you’ll likely need to experiment.

7. It gets pretty toasty, but I can usually put it on right away.

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Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

1. Cotton, any color, any adult size. The one I use is brown (don’t want to wear brown socks, go figure).

2. The first you get your hands on, I don’t think it matters. I use long grain white rice.

3. I think I use around 10 oz or a bit more. You need free space in the sock to shape it around your penis, that would be hard if you filled it 100%. I can wrap it around my penis nearly 2 times if rice is evenly distributed.

4. Why not just tie it into a knot? I wouldn’t put tape/glue inside a microwave.

5. Never thought of that. I don’t find it necessary.

6. I usually set it to 60 seconds on 900 W, then I wait few minutes before it cools down to adequate temperature. Whenever I set time to less than 60 seconds it doesn’t get warm enough for some reason. It’s still a mystery to me.

7. As hot as possible without burning or causing any kind of discomfort. I personally use it 10-15 minutes before and after workout and 5-10 minutes in between (stretching and jelqing).

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

JUST DON’T GET INSTANT OR MINUTE RICE! It will catch fire in your microwave.

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