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Request For Information on Chat Schedule

Request For Information on Chat Schedule

I have visited the chat site on several different occasions and it appears as though no one’s using it. If it is being used what are the times when it is being used. Didn’t know where else to post this inquiry.


I’m sorry to hear that , because you have such a large member base that if it did work, I would think there would be several, who would use it, as sometimes there are times when being able to chat with another member can be very helpful and beneficial. I am also on another forum called Legwear as Unisex Forum and they have quite an active chat schedule or at least they did. I have not been on their chat recently though, but there has been a lot of traffic on it, when I was using it. Course it also depends on hours too. I am kind of a techie myself, so if there’s anything I can do to help, I’d be glad to offer my services. I service computers as a business using remote control. It’s kind of a novelty service yet, but more and more computer repair shops are using it. Thanks again.

You can always post in the ” say anything you want thread 2.0 ” it’s hell of a funny place! :D

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