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Reps or time for jelqing

Reps or time for jelqing

Now in the newbie routine, 10 minutes Jelqing = 200 3-second strokes. In the past I’ve only Jelqed by doing the recommended time, but tonight, I changed it up by counting how many strokes I did within the given time limit in the newbie routine. By the time I hit 10 minutes, I’ve only done about 50-60 strokes and I didn’t feel like I had a good enough pump. So instead of stopping at 10 minutes I kept going to 100 strokes which took me approximately 15 minutes and I felt like my penis had a pretty good workout. I stopped there because I didn’t want to go more than what was suggested in the newbie routine even though I was only at 100 strokes. So to all of you who’s had gains and have experience with this, is it better for me to stick with the 10 minutes or should I forget about the 10 minutes and concentrate on hitting 200 strokes?

We are all built differently ultra, and the Newbie routine has to cater fpr everyone. So the instructions there are inevitably going to have a slightly - or even majjor diffeence to all. So, providing you are satisfied that there has been no negative reaction from a test run a bit higher; then by all means work on it. BUT go very carefully. don’t go from 100 to 200 in a few sessions, make sure each increase of say 5 or 10 jelqs has had no negative effect over a few sessions before advancing to the next increase.

Having said that, It would not be wise to start increasing until at two months of continuos newbue routine has been acheived.

If you have acheived that then there is no reason why you should’nt experiment. But go carefully.

Good luck.


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Morning wood was rock solid hard. I have not experienced any negative PI’s so far so I’m probably going to stick with 100 strokes and slowly increasing it to 200 strokes by the end of the 2ND month. I’ll report back then and see how things go.

Either way just concentrate on each jelq, making slow controlled strokes.

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