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Reps and Sets?

Reps and Sets?

Does anyone else do reps and sets? How are your results? I do about 100 reps,

then I strengthen my erection while resting my grip for about one minute, then

I start in again. Anyone else do something like this? Might it be better to continue

non-stop even with a lesser grip and erection?

Thoughts anyone?

When I jelq, I don’t count, I go in 5 minutes sets. I jelq for 5 minutes, take a 20-30 second break to shake out my hands and go for another 5 minutes. You can set your total jelq time to whatever level of conditioning you are at be it 10 minutes, 15, 20, or whatever.

I’ve always timed rather than counting reps, but either way is just as good. When I start back I might do reps instead since one of my problems in ages past has been losing concentration due to other things going on (on the computer, TV, daydreaming, etc.). Counting reps may help me there.


Wow, maybe I’m not jelqing with long enough reps. I usually jelq for a minute or two, things start getting numb, and cold. So I then slap it a few times, and start over.

Bob you do a 100 reps in a single set non stop?
This is a good question, I wonder whats the consensus on length of reps.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In response to Sizemeisters problem with daydreaming, I also had that problem. Don’t laugh but I even tried tying a blindfold on at one point to help me focus, it was that diffficult!

I tend to jelq for a period of time rather than reps, counting tends to distract me from keeping good form when jelqing.


Deadeye, yes.
I use my left hand, palm against body, to hold my gonads back and fat pad down so I can grab closer to my
body with my right hand, which I use a palm down grip on. I do 33 like this, then I switch hands and do 33 with
the left hand then I do 35 alternating palm up jelqs pulling up towards my belly, sort of like “v” jelqs. Then
I “helicopter” it a few times, and then, since I lose my erection while jelqing, I masterbate to gain it back
somewhat before I start again. I do about 8 to 10 sets like this. I also have to do it like this because my grip
gets weak after many more reps (perhaps I grasp too tightly?).

I was wondering if the rest periods between sets (1 to 1.5 minutes), were dentrimental to the quantity of
gains. Maybe it dosent matter that much.

I don’t do any of that stuff. I just set the timer to 20 minutes Jelqing. I can’t count while i’m also trying to fantasize about stuff so my erection would last. If I could I would do it though because it’s more reliable. For instance some days I’m maybe doing 300 jelqs while other days i’m doing 500…

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