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Replacing stretching excercisis with Penimaster

Replacing stretching excercisis with Penimaster


I’ve been doing wet Jelqing for approx. 2 moths and the last weeks I’ve been doing stretches too. But my time for PE is limited to 30 minutes each day.
It’s hard to squeeze in both 20 minutes Jelqing and 10 minutes stretching with up/down warming before and after exercise. So I was browsing the forum and stumbled over reviews of the Penimaster Pro. I have used an extender before but it really hurt my little friend so I was not keen on trying same concept again. The Penimaster uses a vaccumgrip so I decided to buy one and try. That way I can concentrate on Jelqing with warm up/down during my 30 minutes aday and try to use the Penimaster 6-8 hours hidden and effortless.
To me that seems like a good solution in leveling up the PE without loosing time.

Question: Should I wear the Penimaster right up to my Jelqing session and then wear the Penimaster right after the jelqing session again or should I let my friend rest a while between the sessions?

/ Soulme deep

I’ve got a question for you. Were you gaining before you started using the penimaster? The site is littered with examples of people who were gaining, changed things, stopped gaining, changed back and still weren’t gaining.

It’s a good question. I’m not sure it has an easy answer. There is a school of thought that believes that healing in an extended state is useful, so proponents would probably suggest immediately after jelqing put it back on. It’s probably more sensible to wait for a bit until you feel you can put the extender back on without causing any irritation. Waiting 1/2 hr plus isn’t going to make a great difference. For an extender to work, if it works, requires many thousands of hours of wearing, so the more you wear it the better. Even a vacuum extender has the chance to cause injury by preventing blood flow to tissue, so it’s important to monitor yourself fairly consistently.

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Hi Memento!

Thanks for answer. I am not detecting any measurable gains yet due to newly starting the PE ( only 2 months now ). My main concern is that I have a really busy schedule and wants to be very efficient with my time. I am at the same time trying to loose weight as I am 20 kg to heavy. That training occupies me an hour aday. Actually I think loosing weight will be the first factor in the “gain” department. I have though, this two first months, detected that my penis hangs in flaccid state with more body and abit lower. The glance is bigger and I got alot more stamina having sex with my wife.
Doing kegels every morning and I have 30 minutes of lunch break at work when I do my jelqing in a toilet at a quite hidden part of my workplace.
I am not open to my wife about my PE so it’s hard to do the PE at home. I have read about the newbie routine but as I only have 30 minutes it’s hard to have time do warm up 5 minutes, stretch for 10 minutes, jelq for 20 minutes and warm down for 5 minutes. So I thought that an extender would be a better choice in my case. As I understand it, stretching and using an extender should be almost same thing.
I am also convinced that changing the PE now and then makes it harder for my penis to adapt to the pressure I am putting on it. Change a little but not to much. For instance the Jelqing. Wet or dry. The angle of jelqing and so forth. I have also read in the forum that I should avoid using the extender during the night sleep as it could be bad concerning morning wood.

And, yes, I will monitor my glance as wearing an extender for a year or two is a risk for creating not wanted injuries.
I will follow your advice and let the penis rest for 30 minute’s before and after my lunch break jelqing.

/ Soulmedeep

Within 2 months you should be noticing gains, even if we are talking 1/8-1/4”, so question how you’ve already modified the routine.

Loosing weight will help a lot. Measure your fat pad now (BPEL-NBPEL) and see how it changes over time.

The Newbie routine starts at 25 minutes in total. Linear Newbie Routine has a much more gradual start. Skipping the heat section might be your issue. That said, RB claimed good gains from 5-10 minute Dry Jelqing sessions throughout the day without warmup.

I agree that changing your routine helps, I think it’s a pretty major tenant of manual PE. Doesn’t really fit with wearing an extender for many, many hours a day. In fact it’s pretty much the opposite.

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