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Removing Stretches

Removing Stretches

Should I remove stretches?I am having difficulties in doing them correctly.When I stretch I do it with the skin on and I think that I stretch the skin more than the penis.Will I be able to have good length gains with doing only low erection jelqs?Now I am around 6.45 BPEL and 5.7 NBPEL.My goal is to reach 7 NBPEL.Is that even realistic when I don’t stretch?Or should I continue stretching with the skin on?

(No privacy for ADS, Hanging or extenders)


Easy.why don’t you stretch” without the skin”?and the problem is solved

The only way I manage to do such stretch is when I do it straight out (9:00).Too much skin and a weak grip are my reasons.


They are not necessity, but if you really wish length gains, you should reconsider.

Perhaps pumping instead of stretches?

Jelqing will help you in that department but I would suggest keeping the stretches no matter what.

And it is a realistic goal all you have to do is put your mind to it.

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

I seem to be stretching a lot of my skin too. I’m starting to wonder if I am doing the stretches wrong. The goal is to push the skin back right and stretch the penis in all directs? And when I have the ADS on to make sure all the skin is pushed back? Any advice would be nice (that rhymes).

I take it you are uncircumcised. I am too. What I do is pull the skin back and then wrap 1 layer of Toilet paper on the head. This gives me a great grip.

My question was more like can I reach my length goal without stretching, ads, extenders, pumps and all other devices.I just can’t make a good stretch, at least in the state my penis is right now (maybe if I gain more girth I could fight the sliding better).And what I wanted to understand is if stretches with the skin actually work or do I simply waste my time.

I gained 0.35 inch in length.


Ok, let’s say 0.35” lenght gain. Still it is good. Whatever you are doing is working. Add some stretches with the skin and see if it works - I think the only way to know, is just trying.

You could consider to start hanging if lenght gains become harder to achieve - you do need to spend virtually nothing to make an AFB hanger, and it is effective.

There are several guys who gained a lot of lenght with just simple jelqs, this also was said in your previous thread, if I’m not wrong.

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Pull the skin back…. wipe off the glans, then get some baby powder and your grip will be fine… no skin stretching. Grab under the head.

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