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Regular measurements vs PE measurements

Regular measurements vs PE measurements

My question is when you see polls online or in magazines etc.are they talking about BP or NBPEL? My guess would be NBPEL since to the average joe this is how much “meat” they have to work with and anything not seen is useless.if this is true.I am a bit smaller than I thought I was.NBP I am like 5.75 and BP I am like’s weird because I am in good shape.10-15% body fat so I don’t know why my fat pad seems so disproportional to my body compared with other peoples’.

I think, that if the average Joe himself measures, he tries to get the best he can. So I think it is BP.

I’m not sure how the avg. Joe measures, but I do believe the average Joe is 6” BPEL, so go off that. Don’t feel bad about your fatpad, I”m probably 15%bf and have 1+” there.

Started Nov. 2004 at 7x5

Currently: 8 3/8" x 5 1/2" (BPEL x MSG)

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