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Regarding Edging

Regarding Edging

I have suffered from PE (premature ejaculation) for as long as I can remember dating back to my very first sexual encounter.. I’ve had ups and downs in my 22 years of life sexually sometimes seemingly being able to last as long as I want sometimes bust after two to ten thrusts. In an attempt to solve once and for all this situation I’ve discovered edging and reverse kegels. I have one question regarding each of these techniques and any one who truly knows what they are talking about please give me your input.

1. Regarding edging, I can edge as many times as I want to forever and stay as hard as I want. My question is when edging I hold back hard sometimes reverse kegeling sometimes regular kegeling to stop ejaculation. After I hold back the initial spurting I can resume stimulation and at this point a healthy amount of semen drips from my dick, not in spurts just kinda seeps out what was backed up in the pipes. After this I have no trouble maintaining my erection. Is this correct edging?

2. Regarding reverse kegels. During my edging session tonight I’ve finally found the point at which I hold back orgasm through the method of reverse kegeling. I find it akin to having to urinate and a very slight “burning” (only because I don’t know how else to describe it) in the tip/head of my penis. For all the men out there who have been using this technique with success, do you feel the same thing as me when holding back. If not please explain your experiences as in depth as you can make them. I think I finally may have a viable solution to my PE (the bad kind)

Thank you in advance. Happy Growing.

I can only help as much as I can, but am no expert.

1. I will immediately reverse kegel when I feel the urge, so no semen drip from my dick, but if you feel great with what you do, go ahead.

2. No, I don’t feel any burning, but feeling like “to urinate” is normal, it’s close to orgasm feeling. When that “to urinate” feeling comes, I will do the reverse and hold it while still slowly stroking and simulating my glans, and weird, even I feel so much arouse, I don’t feel the urge anymore as long as I can hold the reverse kegel. even when I have sex, I also do reverse when the time comes, and hold for few seconds, the urge will just go away.

Happy Edging In New Year.

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